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A closer look at aluminium prices
09 Mar 2022

Invest in sustainable quality: a closer look at aluminium prices

Endless design possibilities, ease of maintenance and excellent thermal insulation – that is what aluminium has to offer. Although the purchase price of some Reynaers Aluminium profiles is higher than wooden or PVC joinery, aluminium is a cheaper and more sustainable solution in the long run.

Building your dream home implies making many important choices. Before you decide which doors and window elements you want to include in your project, you should know how much the different options cost. For instance, if you want aluminium systems, a number of factors affect the price of the profiles. We explain what aspects homeowners need to keep in mind.

Type of windows and doors

The type of windows and doors you choose affects the total price of your joinery. Reynaers Aluminium experts can offer you made-to-measure products, whether it is a folding door or sliding window. Next, variant options have a considerable cost effect as well. Looking for a particular burglar-proof lock? Or maybe you want to include automated elements? These are all factors that determine the aluminium price.

Degree of thermal insulation

The higher the insulation value of your window or door profiles, the more expensive they will be. Choosing between single, double, triple, or even safety glass sheets also affects the cost. However, in the long run, you can recover your investment as superior thermal insulation leads to a lower energy bill.

Accessibility of the building

Thirdly, the project site’s accessibility determines the total cost as well. Do installers need an elevating platform to put certain systems in place? Or is there sufficient space next to or in front of your building to install the new windows and doors effortlessly? The logistics of construction certainly are a factor to take into account.

Outside view of the Mountain View Residence in Bulgaria, featuring various glass and aluminium solutions.

Aluminium as a long-term investment

It is true, at the time of purchase, aluminium is not the cheapest joinery option. But when comparing total costs, you also have to take long-term benefits into account. This is where aluminium windows, doors, sliding systems and curtain walls come out on top.

Energy-efficient systems

Reynaers Aluminium systems are designed to keep out the cold at all times. We use the latest technologies to guarantee excellent thermal insulation, which has a significant impact on your energy bill. That way, you can spend more time and money on the things you care about the most.

Sustainable design

Aluminium is resistant to all weather conditions and is not affected by vermin. It is a fully recyclable material, which makes it both a sustainable and aesthetic choice. Moreover, our durable systems are of the highest quality: even when used intensively, all technical components continue to function flawlessly. Choose responsibly, go for aluminium.

Low-maintenance profiles

Aluminium profiles require barely any maintenance, as they do not have to be repainted or varnished. Simply clean the aluminium profiles about four times a year with water and soap, and enjoy your windows and doors at their full potential.

Industrial-style windows in an American office building.


Dean Street – ODA Architecture (architect), Tony Reddington (photographer)
Mountain View Residence – arh. Dimitar Dimitrov (architect), RABG (photographer)