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Sunset on private home in the woods, featuring aluminium windows.
09 Mar 2022

Aluminium or wood – how to make the right choice for you

Making material choices for your renovation or construction project is not always black or white. Should you buy aluminium or wooden frames for your windows and doors? Learn more about important product features, such as design, maintenance, and thermal insulation.

Historically, the decision to use wood or another material such as aluminium for windows or doors was based on the architectural style. Wood had the preference when it came to older buildings, since other solutions did not have the design versatility they offer today. However, a lot has changed in the building industry in the past few years, which makes deciding all the more complicated. To help you make the right choice, we have summed up some pros and cons for both aluminium and wood.

Wooden windows

Using wood in any capacity adds warmth to your home. On a technical level, wood also offers excellent thermal insulation. Both an advantage and a disadvantage of wood is that it needs regular varnishing or painting. While being pricey and possibly time consuming, this regular maintenance allows you to change the look of your windows and doors every few years. But wooden profiles are usually made from tropical wood types such as Meranti, Afzelia, or Afrormosia – which can be quite expensive.

Man painting old wooden window frames white.

Why choose aluminium?

Aluminium holds all the trumps when it comes to energy efficiency and living comfort. The frames come in all RAL colours and a wide range of design options, from sleek contemporary to rustic historical. Choosing for aluminium means embracing an almost lifelong, maintenance-free material. The durability of the aluminium, combined with its UV-resistant coating makes the systems extremely easy to maintain.

If you are looking for low-maintenance and temperature stable windows – choose aluminium.

Moreover, some Reynaers Aluminium profiles have reached a limit for U-values at Passive House level, well below 1.0 W/m²k. Our weatherproof door and window frames maintain temperature stability and provide extra quality of life. Larger areas of glass are easily supported within the same sleek design options, which are also fully air, wind, and water-resistant.

Interior view of HiFinity sliding system, featured in Lochristi private home.

Aluminium, the best bet for your project

Consider the following factors when deciding your window and door materials: weather influence, price, maintenance cost and time, thermal insulation, and personal preferences. Aluminium scores excellent on every level. And what a freedom of shapes and styles! Depending on your wishes, there is always a profile that meets your needs.

What about aluminium versus PVC windows?

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Iron Horse – Altius Design Group (architect), Andrew Beneze (photographer)
Private House HiFinity Lochristi – Tow Cauwe (architect), Christophe Van Couteren (photographer)