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MasterLine 8 Balcony Door

Technical information



Air tightness
Class 4 (600Pa)
Water tightness
Class 9A (600Pa)
Wind load resistance
Class C3 (1200Pa)


Impact resistance
Opening & closing resistance
Class 5
* Note: Performances and properties may be different depending on the profile combinations


Max. dimensions & weight

Min. height of element
1833 mm
Min. width of element
854 mm
Min. height of vent
1800 mm
Max. height of vent
2400 mm
Min. width of vent
800 mm
Max. width of vent
1000 mm
Max. weight of vent
130 kg


Min. frame width (inward opening)
53 mm
Min. vent width (inward opening)
52 mm
Min. frame-vent width (inward opening)
97 mm
Min. frame width (outward opening)
27 mm
Min. vent width (outward opening)
118 mm
Min. frame-vent width (outward opening)
145 mm
Min. width T-profile
80 mm
Depth frame
77 mm
Depth Vent
87 mm
Depth frame-vent
87 mm


Rebate height
27 mm
Glazing method
Dry glazing Siliconized glazing Internal glazing Glazing bead
Min. glass thickness - frame/element
4 mm
Max. glass thickness - frame/element
58 mm
Min. glass thickness - vent
13 mm
Max. glass thickness - vent
68 mm