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Reynaers Aluminium and Renson professional standing in front of sunscreen solution.

Reynaers Aluminium Façades and Renson Sunscreens: The Missing Link

Reynaers Aluminium and Renson join forces to bring you the next generation of curtain wall and sunscreen solutions. With its reimagined design, the Renson Fixscreen Minimal Curtain Wall 50 is now completely compatible with our ConceptWall 50 façade system. Beat the heat with this 100% Belgian combination that is both easy to install and beautiful to behold.

Two strong brands come together to create one clever solution. Both Belgian family-owned businesses, Reynaers Aluminium and Renson share the same passion for innovative, user-friendly products that make projects more exciting. Always putting the customer first, the two companies want to create sustainable and quality solutions that help you live your daily life.

Our ConceptWall 50 curtain wall system lets you take in mesmerising views behind enormous glass surfaces up to 700 kilograms. It is the ideal solution for high-rise residential and office buildings that shine bright in cities across the world. Although large glass panes look aesthetically wonderful, overheating and unwanted glare can often occur. That is where the Renson Fixscreen Minimal Curtain Wall 50 comes in to create some welcome shade for all residents and employees.

The design of this product combination takes the end user into account, but other stakeholders benefit as well. For example, it only takes three profile components to assemble this solar shading solution, instead of the usual five. Less bolts means less trouble. This helps the fabricator and the installer pick the right easy-to-install system that best fits their customers’ needs. And with the curtain wall and sunscreen profiles perfectly aligned, you always end up with a clean, minimalistic look.

3-D section of the new Renson Fixscreen Minimal Curtain Wall 50.

Tested and approved Belgian quality

Quality shows in day-to-day performance. That is why we thoroughly tested these systems for all kinds of resistance. The curtain wall-sunscreen combination withstands wind speeds of up to 65 kilometres per hour when the sunscreen is in operation, and even up to 130 kilometres per hour when it is not deployed. These numbers match the original Fixscreen Minimal’s performance. Next, extensive pressure tests showed no sign of bending. And no need to worry about possible thermal expansion either: both the curtain wall and sunscreen finishing are perfectly adjusted to each other. As a result, they are infinitely linkable.

Protect yourself from solar glare and overheating with this 100% Belgian system. Reynaers Aluminium’s expertise in large glass surfaces and barely visible frames pairs beautifully with Renson’s quality sunscreen solution. A successful collaboration that could possibly mean the start of many joint projects to come. Together for quality solutions, Together For Better.

Modern white office building featuring Renson Fixscreen solutions.