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Render of shiny skyscraper, featuring ElementFaçade 7.

Reynaers Aluminium ElementFaçade 7: The System That Builds the Future

Build the façade of the future, today. ElementFaçade 7 is Reynaers Aluminium’s latest development in unitised façade solutions. With its versatile design and exceptional performances, this system is the ideal solution for your high-rise projects. ElementFaçade 7 is compatible with standard opening elements, but it can also be customised to your specific needs. And with the help of our professional services and digital tools, you enjoy quality support from design to delivery.

As cities become denser, the only way is up. But tall structures require better wind and water resistance, as well as maximal insulation against noise, cold, and heat. In fact, with international legislation becoming stricter, you need a quality façade system that is durable, energy-efficient, and sustainable. Reducing project lead times is another highly requested feature. That is why we tested and calculated several deliberately chosen variants of ElementFaçade 7 in advance to give you a head start. For sure, our solution ticks all the right boxes.

With over 20 years of experience in element façades, our developers created a next generation of stackable façade systems built for the future. Fast assembly and ease of installation: these systems make the lives of everyone involved so much easier. From the architect who wants to create a beautiful yet minimalistic solution, the fabricator who prefers a fast and easy corner connection, to the installer who now can easily place and adjust the element thanks to its redesigned anchor. Everyone benefits, and the result looks stunning.

Render of modern skyscraper featuring Reynaers Aluminium façade solutions.

Fast assembly and ease of installation: the ElementFaçade 7 makes the lives of all professionals involved so much easier.

3D model of ElementFaçade 7 sample.

Quality performance thanks to excellent service

When you choose ElementFaçade 7, you choose a reliable solution known for its excellent performances and constant quality. For example, the standard system reaches a water tightness of 1,200 Pascal and can take wind load pressure of up to 2,400 Pascal. What does this mean for your project? Well, it means this highly insulating system provides perfect comfort and ideal safety for all the building’s residents, all year round.

Trusting the numbers is one thing, but you can depend on our expertise as well. Our digital tools, machinery, and technical professionals guide you along every step of your journey, from design to delivery. Access to our customer portal gives you everything you need to calculate if ElementFaçade 7 is the ideal solution for your project. Do you want to include non-standard elements in your design? No problem. We deliver high-quality bespoke solutions that perfectly fit your project’s specific needs. Because with the right tools and products, anything is possible.

A future-proof solution

You can tell there are many reasons to choose ElementFaçade 7. A quality product that is both easy to install and easy to integrate, a unique system that answers to the strictest insulation and environmental requirements. If you want a beautiful façade cladding ready to protect future generations, then ElementFaçade 7 is the perfect solution for you.

Visit the ElementFaçade 7 product page to get to know this innovative system even better.

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Night view of residential building, looking out over modern city skyline.

Fast assembly and ease of installation: the ElementFaçade 7 makes the lives of all professionals involved so much easier.