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Parallel opening window providing natural ventilation for high-rise building.
08 Mar 2022

Create a healthy indoor environment with Reynaers Aluminium

New or renovated buildings must meet numerous energy requirements. Thermal insulation that keeps the heat inside and the cold outside in winter – and vice versa in summer –, it is a standard in contemporary architecture. But have you considered ventilation? And how to limit possible noise disturbance? We guide you through some quality solutions.

Most people like to keep indoor temperatures fairly constant throughout the year. Optimal ventilation, especially in humid places such as kitchens or bathrooms, drastically improves the air quality and creates a healthier indoor environment. However, it is important to find the right balance between insulation and ventilation.

Ventalis, our controllable ventilation system

To maintain the aesthetic looks of your windows and doors, Reynaers Aluminium developed a unique, self-regulating ventilation system called Ventalis. Fully integrated in the aluminium profile, this innovative system is nearly invisible. The units automatically regulate the air supply depending on the wind pressure, without any risk of rain infiltration or annoying insects entering your building.

The ventilation valve opens in five different positions, ranging from tightly closed to wide-open. You can easily determine the ideal ventilation level yourself. The air supply continues to be automatically regulated regardless of the position of the valve. Whichever level you choose, Ventalis ensures optimal ventilation all day long.

Interior view of Ventalis, our ventilation system, integrated in a black window.

It is important to fight the right balance between insulation and ventilation.

Noise reducing technology

Preparing a building project in the city and want to reduce the sound of cars, trains and other urban noise indoors? Our MasterLine 8-SoftTone® window system is the perfect solution for you. We developed this innovative architectural solution specifically for natural cooling and ventilation in urban environments. It is a sustainable and economical alternative to mechanical ventilation, as the noise reducing technology is integrated into the window itself.

Another solution are parallel opening windows. These aluminium profiles allow maximal ventilation and cooling, as they offer better ventilation than traditional windows. Thanks to the parallel opening direction, larger open areas per square metre and better air circulation in the room are ensured. How does it work? Warm air moves upwards, causing the air to circulate, which generates pressure differences. The result: optimally ventilated rooms for you to enjoy.