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Aluminium billets neatly stacked in a warehouse.
09 Mar 2022

Choosing aluminium or PVC profiles? Pros and cons.

Dominating the market thanks to their low-maintenance reputations, aluminium and PVC are excellent choices when renovating or building your home or workspace. Both offer excellent thermal insulation, helping lower your U-value and supporting the environment. But how do you make the right choice for you?

Different projects require different materials. We are comparing PVC and aluminium windows and doors, financially, technically and design-wise – to help you decide which material is more suitable for your dream construction.

PVC instead of aluminium

PVC is an excellent option if your project features standard-sized windows and doors. PVC profiles are very low-maintenance and the cheapest choice for standard window sizes. But if you need larger or non-standard areas of glass or sliding doors, they are not the best solution, as they need to be reinforced with steel. This makes the price difference with other frames obsolete for non-standard window sizes. In case you are looking for a specific architectural style, you may find the design range PVC offers limited.

PVC: great for standard sizes, less suited for non-standard dimensions

Aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium windows and doors come in almost every dimension. Large spans or even elements up to three metres in height are possible. Aluminium also offers more stability and supports larger areas of glass and sliding doors, all while retaining a sleek look. In fact, aluminium windows are available in all RAL colours and a variety of design combinations, which makes them highly architecturally versatile.

The windows are also stable in another way – they withstand any weather conditions flawlessly. The price is directly proportional to the thermal insulation you require for your project, which depends on your target U-value. And last but not least: aluminium windows and doors are very low-maintenance, requiring only a wash with soapy water a couple of times a year.

How to make the right choice

Unsure of what your workspace, home renovation, or construction needs in terms of windows and doors? Compare stability, level of maintenance required, and thermal insulation, as well as design options when considering PVC or aluminium. And remember: when it comes to design freedom, aluminium is the material of choice. Styles, shapes, dimensions, opening types, colours, hardware accessories… aluminium allows you to express your own personality in the building style of your project.

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Private House HiFinity Hombourg – Crahay & Jamaigne Architectes (architect), Samuel Defourny (photographer)