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Woman reading the Reynaers Aluminium warranty in her living room.
09 Mar 2022

10-year warranty: what and how?

High-quality aluminium profiles that exceed expectations for decades – an objective Reynaers Aluminium pursues daily with the help of a very stringent quality control system. That is one of the reasons why we can offer a 10-year system warranty.

Quality control is an important part of our production process, as it provides you with aluminium systems that meet the highest technical specifications and standards. Our 10-year system warranty proves that our profiles are the best choice for your building project: top quality boosted by superior service.

What is covered by our warranty?

The 10-year warranty is an insurance on the aluminium profiles, lacquer or anodisation layer, as well as on the insulation of the system. On the accessories, we grant a 5-year system guarantee. We give you a complete overview in detail below.

Aluminium painting and anodisation

10-year warranty on

  • Detachment, flaking and blistering of treated aluminium parts
  • Corrosion, including filiform corrosion for AIMgSIO.5F22 material
  • UV resistance, discolouration and loss of gloss exceeding the defined tolerances, according to the last edition of the Qualicoat and Qualanod regulations

Note that

  • Your paintwork warranty can be extended under specific conditions, which can be obtained from Reynaers Aluminium
  • The guarantee on metallic colours and metallic structure colours only applies to the adhesion of the paint, not to visual or aesthetical aspects
  • Because colour anodisation may result in colour differences due to the alloy of the material and the production process, minimum and maximum samples are available upon request to visualise the possible differences per colour type


10-year warranty on

  • Adherence between insulation and aluminum
  • Preservation of thermal and mechanical properties of the insulator, within the boundaries defined by the technical specifications

Accessories, gaskets, and synthetic profiles

10-year warranty on

  • Properties, functionality and design, within restrictions defined by technical specifications

5-year warranty on

  • Wearing parts - only applies to normal and realistically foreseeable use

2-year warranty on

  • Electrical and wood components

Declaration and validity of your system warranty

To obtain our 10-year system guarantee, the aluminium constructions must be installed with craftsmanship and maintained according both to the Reynaers Aluminium Manuals and to our processing and maintenance instructions. Furthermore, your manufacturer has to report the defect in writing within a week. Remember to add a copy of the order form and invoice as well. This way, we have the correct details of your building project immediately.

Working together to achieve excellent results: that is what we aim for with our 10-year system warranty and service.