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Detail of mesh fabric of the Mosquito screen
07 Mar 2022

The Mosquito mesh screen keeps insects out all year long

Flies and other insects, no one wants them inside the house. The Mosquito insect screen offers the perfect solution to this seasonal unpleasantness. Mounted on a door or window frame, practical and user-friendly. All you need to keep annoying insects out.

Mosquito from Reynaers Aluminium is a mesh screen system that is mounted onto a window or (sliding) door. Its function is double: to keep out insects with minimal obstruction of the view outside. The Mosquito concept allows windows, doors, or sliding doors to be opened or closed conveniently without the need to remove the screen. With a rail installed at the top or bottom of the vent, you enjoy easy access at all times.

Sunny outside view of an opened Mosquito mesh screen in front of a sliding solution.

Ventilate your home, leave insects outside

Keeping tedious insects out is one thing, but Mosquito also improves the ventilation of your home, Mosquito allows you to ventilate any space properly, resulting in a healthier indoor climate. Let in a fresh breeze in the summer, permanently air out your bedroom ... Our clever insect mesh screen improves the air quality while preventing mosquitoes and other insects from disturbing your sleep.

With our Mosquito system installed on your windows or sliding doors, you enjoy maximum home ventilation without bugs.

Minimalistic design

Mosquito consists of an aluminium frame holding a slim fly screen – a minimalistic design system that can be painted or coated in the same colour as your windows and doors. Moreover, Mosquito is available in a sleek Softline or more refined Renaissance style to match your Reynaers Aluminium windows and (sliding) doors seamlessly.

This versatile mesh screen is also compatible with the frames from other system suppliers, even non-aluminium windows like wood and PVC. Whichever material you choose, Mosquito is the perfect solution to keep out annoying insects while raising the level of comfort in your building project.

Outside view of contemporary Sissau villa featuring the Mosquito mesh screen.


Private House Belgium 21 – Guy Obijn (photographer)
Van Acker Sissau Villa – Mark Van Acker (architect), Debbie De Brauwer (photographer)